Body’s pH

If Your Body’s pH Is Not Within A Very Narrow Range,

You’re A Walking Time Bomb For Cancer!

(And Many Other Bad Consequences!)

The Good News Is That It’s Easy To Fix!

The human body was designed to have a slightly alkaline pH balance. (approx. 7.4)Unfortunately, the typical American diet is practically the opposite of what we need to eat to keep our pH within that range! Things like carbonated beverages, sugar, bread, pasta, dairy products and meat just KILL your pH balance! Not only do the foods we eat make our systems acidic, but so do other factors such as STRESS!

The good news is that it is simple to alkalize your body! (Important note: don’t OVER-alkalize, except temporarily, while killing cancer cells.) Too much alkalinity on a continual basis can also be unhealthy. It is VERY important to continually monitor your pH balance by testing your urine, as described in the following articles. (The best test strips I have found are available from True Essentials. Most of the ones found in health food stores don’t go high enough on the pH scale to measure the pH you need to obtain if you are battling cancer!) Saliva testing is too unreliable, and can often lead you to believe your pH is perfect when it’s really WAY too acidic!)

The best explanation and instructions I have found concerning the body’s pH balance can be found in the book :

“The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet.” by Christopher Vasey, N.D.,
which is available by clicking its link in the “Books About Alkalizing” section of this site.

For most people it is very hard to alkalize your system by ONLY modifying your diet. (In fact, for most Americans, it is downright impossible!) But by eating as healthy as you can AND supplementing with the right nutrients, it can be done. (Monitoring your pH closely at all times is crucial!) You need to take top quality, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals. Taking the nutritional supplements recommended in the “recommended links” section of this site is also very beneficial in alkalizing your system and giving your body what it needs to heal itself and get and stay healthy.

Most people are not willing to go to the extremes that it takes to eat healthy enough to balance their pH, even with good nutritional supplements. Due to our extremely acidic American diets, most people will still need an extra boost of alkalinity on a daily basis. This can be obtained by drinking filtered water every day that has been alkalized with baking soda. (Make sure the baking soda is aluminum free!) There are also several products available now to purify and alkalize tap water . . . which makes it MUCH better-tasting than baking soda water! The best one I have found is X2O, available at:

I know of many people who have beaten “terminal” cancer using only natural products and supplements, when their oncologists had given them NO hope! If you find this hard to believe, WATCH THIS VIDEO and listen as Dr. Simoncini explains:

Then read the following reports, which were written by John Austin, who beat “terminal” cancer himself through alkalization!

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