The Mission

The MISSION of this Site:

 mission “I have never had cancer, but I have lost many loved ones to it! In the process of searching for information to help a friend who was battling cancer, I was given some articles written by John Austin, who had beaten “terminal cancer,” by someone who had herself BEATEN “terminal cancer.”
  “I myself became convinced that there IS A GOD-GIVEN, NATURAL, PROVEN CURE FOR CANCER! Actually, to be more accurate, it’s that the body can heal itself (and kill the cancer cells) if you give it what it needs to be able to do that!”

cancer-kids1  “Since, tragically, people continue to suffer and even die because they don’t know about this, it has become one of my missions in life to get the word out to as many as I can. Since first publishing John’s articles on this site, more and more information has been added, and I continue to add more information as it comes to my attention.”

Ways-to-Help-Cancer-Patients“I’m convinced that someday it will be common knowledge that cancer can easily be prevented and cured, just as we now know that the earth is round. (Remember, that “theory” was ridiculed and vehemently rejected until a few hundred years ago!)”

All truth passes through three stages.

  • First, it is ridiculed.
  • Second, it is violently opposed.
  • Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


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