Feed Needy Children In Your Local Area Just By Paying Your Bills!

HUH??  What in the world does THAT mean??

It means that there is an ingenious program whereby every time you pay your monthly bill, for something like a cell phone or internet, a portion of that bill is funneled to Feeding America, who sends that money to their food bank in YOUR area, and a meal is purchased for a child!

And it doesn’t cost you a penny! In fact, the rates you pay for these bills are probably less than you are currently paying!  And yes, these services are with name brand providers – probably the same providers you are using now!

To see how it works, watch the 1-minute video here.  To see how much money you can save through the program, and how many children you can feed each month just by paying your bills, simply complete the short online survey and someone will get back to you with that information.

You have to pay your bills every month anyway, right? So why not SAVE MONEY and FEED NEEDY CHILDREN while you’re at it?

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