Are You Prepared For the CRASH? You DO Know There’s Going To Be One, Right?

I read today (6/18/14) that the national debt is GROWING at the rate of $1,800,000,000 per day!  Yes, that’s one BILLION eight-hundred MILLION dollars PER DAY!  Our country is so far in debt,   there’s no way we can ever climb out!

So what do our lawmakers in their infinite wisdom do? They allow the Fed to PRINT more and more and more money!  So, if you know your history, and the fact that history repeats itself, you KNOW what is going to happen!  Yes, the dollar is going to crash and become worthless.

(But don’t take MY word for it!  Do your homework and see what the experts have to say about it.)

Woe unto those whose life savings is tied to the American dollar! (Such as in IRAs, cds, 401Ks, etc)

So what is a person to do???

Be sure your savings is in HARD ASSETS, NOT American dollars, that’s what!

Hard assets include things like gold, silver, and real estate.  Real estate is NOT very liquid, so we need to be sure and have most of our savings in gold and/or silver.

Karatbars International is a company dedicated to helping people do that.  For those who have no lump sum savings to invest thousands of dollars into gold, they have a fabulous savings plan that allows the average person to save “money” in gold, one gram at a time.  You can even EARN FREE GOLD!

Here are some links to get you started in  your research:

WHY Karatbars?  Here is a great series of 
informational videos:
Then, for EVEN MORE information about Karatbars, 
you can check out these links:
Understanding Currency-Grade Gold

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