Big News In The Gracy Family

1. Our daughter is getting married on May 3 . . .  so the upcoming wedding

is definitely major, exciting project!  It’s going to be a really neat, fun wedding

at a really cool place called Simple Pleasures.  We’re hoping the weather will

cooperate so that it can be an outdoor wedding, but since it SNOWED here on

May 3 last year, we knew we had to go with a place that has an indoor option!  

So .  . . whether outdoors or indoors, it’s going to be a wonderful wedding. 


Our future son-in-law is the GM of Crabby’s, the best seafood restaurant in the

area (that’s NOT just the proud mother-in-law’s opinion – they really received

that award!) so the food will be out of this world, as it will be catered by Crabby’s.

(And no, it won’t just be seafood – Crabby’s also has the best steak and chicken

dishes, as well as appetizers and desserts that you can get anywhere!)



2. THEN . . . we learned that our son and his wife are expecting our first grandchild

right before the wedding!  The doctor originally set the due date as May 2!! —

YES, THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING(!) . . . but has more recently settled on

April 25 for the due date.  Our son and daughter-in-law have gone from being

members of the wedding party to just hoping they will be able ATTEND the 

wedding!  Either way, it will be an EXCITING spring!


I am so proud of the baby quilt I just made, BY HAND,  ALL BY MYSELF . . . and

finished it with a whole 2 hours to spare just before the baby shower!  lol.


baby quilt


I am trying to decided if I am going to be “GiGi” or “MiMi” . . . because, as  I’m

sure you will agree, I am WAY TOO YOUNG to be “Grandma!”  LOL


Then we need to figure out who Terry is going to be . . . because if I’m too

young to be “Grandma,” I’m also too young to be married to Grandpa!  Right?!?  

I like “Pop Pop” but Terry is not so crazy about it.  He likes “G-pa” the best so far,

but our son vetoed that. I can’t remember his exact comment, but it seemed

like it had something to do with “gangster” or “rapper” or something like that.


SO . . . I would LOVE to hear your feedback!  Please leave me a message below

and let me know if you like “GiGi” or “MiMi” better, and let us know your

favorite alternative to “Grandpa.”  (Or if I need to just grow up and accept the

fact that I’m OLD, and married to “Grandpa!”  lol)


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